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HiCirc™ & EM Recirc™ Ovens

Baker Perkins’ Expandable Modular Recirculating Oven and HiCirc™ Oven offer

unparalleled versatility, baking quality and dependability. These ovens build on the

heritage of Baker Perkins’ ovens with excellent baking efficiency, cleaning, maintenance,

safety and installation, all while retaining the attractive baking characteristics of previous

Recirc™ models.

Better sanitation and maintenance

Wider doors, increased bake chamber clearance and

a smoother outer case aid sanitation. Maintenance

is improved with fewer high maintenance parts and

everything is accessible from ground level.

Higher efficiency with the traditional

Recirc™ bake

Improved ductwork, higher airflow and enhanced

controls improve consistency and reduce bake time

while retaining all the unique flexibility and traditional

baking characteristics of previous Recirc™ Oven


Extend or repair existing Recirc™ Ovens

New EM Recirc™ modules enable owners to improve the

performance and extend the life of existing APV Baker,

Werner Lehara™ and Baker Perkins Recirc™ ovens. The

new oven modules offer improved baking, sanitation and

maintenance and are fully modular for faster installation.

Typical Installation Includes:




Hard Dough Products


Soft Dough Products

Baker Perkins supports every piece of equipment throughout its life, with a comprehensive

programme of parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds. Parts are available around the clock, while

our team of service engineers can assist with both repairs and routine maintenance. Existing

equipment may be rebuilt to extend service life, and/or upgraded to improve performance.


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