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Laboratory Rotary Moulder

The Baker Perkins Laboratory Rotary Moulder is a motorized portable or

bench-top machine for use in a lab or test bakery.

Its small size enables multiple trials to be carried out quickly and cost

effectively, using roll diameters and geometry that precisely reproduce the

process of a full-size machine.


Carrying out development trials in a production plant is both inconvenient

and costly and results obtained in lab tests cannot always be scaled up


The Laboratory Rotary Moulder takes away any uncertainty associated with

the moulding process by utilizing exactly the same arrangement of rolls,

scraper and extraction web as the 390, EM390, TruClean™ 390 and 590 rotary

machines currently being used throughout the industry.

Whether for new product development, ingredient testing or process

troubleshooting the Laboratory Rotary Moulder will save time, effort and