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Improved weight control

Reduced dough leakage

Hygienically designed for superior


Shorter cleaning times and faster product


Direct drives eliminate hygiene and

maintenance problems with gears and


Head is removable for cleaning

Utilizing the existing wirecut base and

control panel minimizes downtime and


TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head

Upgrading the head of an existing wirecut machine to the latest Baker Perkins TruClean™ Aftermarket

Wirecut Head offers best-in-class weight accuracy, user-friendly operation and superior sanitation and

access for maintenance and cleaning.

The die and filler block are supported on fixed rails, ensuring easy installation and removal from the

control side of the machine. The head is lowered into position by means of a patented clam shell

arrangement. Precise clearances between the feed rolls and filler block assure uniform dough pressure

to give consistent product weights across the machine.

To maximize service life, the latest TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head is easily fitted to an exisiting

wirecut base and control panel.

Upgrade Benefits

Suitable For

For more information on the TruClean™ Aftermarket

Wirecut Head, please see