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Dough Feed Systems

Dough feed systems comprise a range of unit machines and conveyors that transport dough

from the mixer and provide either a bulk feed or metered feed to the forming machine.

Mixed batches are converted into a continuous flow and the dough is metered into the

hopper of the forming machine at the correct rate and in optimum condition. Systems are

designed for timely transfers, taking into account any requirements for resting and

conditioning of the dough. Hygienic materials are used throughout and there is excellent

access for cleaning.

Dough feed systems are custom built to suit customers’ requirements: each system is

designed to match the specific plant output, product type and site layout. Systems to feed

bulk dough directly to the hopper of the forming machine are also available if required.

Dough Feed Units & Options

Elevators and tipping machines

Two-roll dough feeders

Live bottom bins


Dough kibblers

Metal detectors

Self-contained power dough feed systems

Systems for combination lines:




Rotary moulding